Gloucestershire and Lochgoilhead photographer.
Welcome to the About Me section. My name is Chloe Timms and I’m the photographer here at Buck’s photography. I work as a Gloucestershire and Lochgoilhead photographer near Glasgow, where I live with my husband and two dogs Bruno and Trixie. We are an outdoorsy family and like to go out on scenic adventures with the camera! Being self confessed foodies, if our adventures happen to lead us past a dog friendly pub with good food and wine, we are very happy!
I specialise in documentary style wedding photography, but love any outdoorsy shoots where I have natural light and a gorgeous backdrop! As well as being a wedding photographer, I also love quirky commercial photography and outdoor family shoots, to name a few! Being a Lochgoilhead photographer, I really am spoilt for choice with stunning locations for my photography.
So, why photography you ask? Well, because I love it. There’s no one thing that makes photography special for me, there are just so many things about it that I love. Being a photographer makes me want to get out of bed each day. It’s exciting, it’s pressured, it gives me the most amazing outlet for my creativity – it’s just awesome! I feel like I’m constantly evolving as a photographer and I don’t think that is something that will ever stop.
The social side of being a photographer is something I really enjoy. I have been very blessed with my clients so far, everyone has been an absolute joy to work with. Wedding photography is something that I will always find really special. I get to see things that most of your guests will only see once you get your pictures back. The morning preening, your dads face when he sees you in your dress, the look between the two of you in the church, the gorgeous couples shots. I could go on and on with this one! I really do adore a good wedding!
The lions share of my work has always been weddings, but over time my style has been recognised by clients looking for a special family shoot, or looking for a quirky commercial shoot for their business. I love being versatile and having a style that lends itself brilliantly to a host of different photography bookings. Variety is the spice of life as they say, and I really do love taking on new challenges and working with a variety of different people. Newborn photography is another sector that I’ve been working more in recently and it’s something that I really enjoy. I’ve built up a collection of gorgeous little handmade outfits and have a setup which allows me to ‘bring the studio to you’ as it were! I have one lovely family that I have followed all the way from their wedding to their daughters first birthday! Shoots to include a wedding, pregnancy, newborn and first birthday! It’s so special to be a go-to photographer for people in this way and to get to watch their life journey progress in such an amazing way.
If you’d like to find my page on social media then check out my Facebook page or you can find me on Instagram chloetimms_bucksphotography.
If I can help with any questions then please do get in touch! I hope to work with you in the future x