I was thrilled when Stacey and Steve asked me to be their wedding photographer. They had a gorgeous Dursley wedding at St Peter’s Church, followed by a wedding reception at the Gloucester Hallmark Hotel.

On the morning of this Dursley wedding, my first stop was to see the groom and his two best men. I got some shots of the guys getting ready and took the rings into the garden for some pretty pictures.

My next stop was to visit the beautiful bride, Stacey, who was getting ready at a family members home. There were lots of people getting ready in the house, and there was a lovely atmosphere! The garden was a perfect spot to get some detail shots of Stacey’s wedding jewellery and her pretty flowers.

After getting some shots of everyone, and the finishing touches to Stacey’s makeup, I made my way to set up for their Dursley wedding!

St Peter’s Church is such a gorgeous place for a Dursley wedding! It really is beautiful and I had a very warm reception from them, which was most appreciated!

When I arrived at the church, Steve was looking very happy! He made his way into the church, where he waited for Stacey with a big smile on his face.

Stacey’s entrance to the church was so filled with emotion. It was amazing to see the love between this amazing couple.

It can be difficult to get the shots I want in churches, as you are not given the opportunity to discreetly capture from certain places in the church. It was amazing to be given the opportunity to move around more freely at this beautiful church.

After the service, we did some group and couples shots in the venue grounds, before setting off to the wedding reception.

Stacey and Steve had chosen the Gloucester Hallmark Hotel for their wedding reception. We all made our way over, and everyone enjoyed a few drinks in the sunny garden, before making their way in for the wedding breakfast.

This was a wonderful wedding and a real joy to be a part of.