James and Polly were married in Berrow in August 2016.

Polly’s parents have a beautiful house in Berrow, which is where Polly not only decided to get ready, but also host the wedding reception!

When I arrived in Berrow, Worcestershire, I went past the stunning St Faith’s church on my way to Polly’s parents home. On the drive to their house, Polly had tied pink ribbons in the trees, which were gently dancing in the breeze.

Upon arriving at Polly’s parents house, I was met by her smiling father, who instructed me on where I could find Polly.

I was pleasantly surprised to find complete and utter calm in the house! The couple had decided that they wanted photography coverage for three hours, so Polly’s hair and makeup was already done before I arrived.

Polly and her mother, who is a brilliant florist, were crafting the button holes and Polly’s bouquet in the Kitchen when I arrived. I got a few candid shots of them together in the kitchen, and then ventured out into the immaculately kept garden to photograph Polly’s shoes.

In the garden there was a marquee, beautifully decorated with flowers, cakes, sweets and place settings, ready for the wedding breakfast.

I walked over to the church before the guests arrived to photograph the wedding flowers and handmade order of service. St Faith’s church is stunning! A beautiful country church, and so wonderfully decorated.

Back at the house. Once the flowers were done, Polly brought her dress downstairs into the living room, full of beams and dramatic lighting.

In the morning it was just Polly and her parents at the house. It felt special to be part of such an intimate and special family time, especially with it being in the family home.

Once Polly was ready, I went back to the church, where I met the Ushers, some guests and finally the groom, James.

Due to the couples tight schedule, they were not able to meet me prior to the wedding, so it was lovely to finally meet them on their wedding day, after the months of emailing!

The service was beautiful and afterwards we got some great family and group shots, both at the church and in the parents garden.

I have driven past Berrow on many occassions, but it was the first time I had been to the village. What a lovely place!

If you would like to see more images from James and Polly’s Berrow Wedding, then please take a look at the Buck’s Photography Facebook page.