Rob & Gloria’s Malvern registry office wedding had such a lovely atmosphere. It was such an intimate laid back wedding for close family and friends.

This Malvern registry office wedding took place on a sunny day in April, in the Elgar room.

The morning of the wedding didn’t get off to the best start! There was some slight drama before the wedding, due to a large amount of roadworks causing some guests to be running late. Rob and Gloria didn’t let this worry them, they took it all in their stride and smiled the whole time.

The wedding took place in the Elgar room in the Malvern Registry Office, which is a bright room with a high ceiling. The deep red of the room complemented the wedding colours perfectly.

Gloria’s wedding dress was stunning. The gorgeous yesteryear style of Gloria’s wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses, seemed to go with the style of the Elgar room perfectly.

The intimately small reception had a very special feel about it, and the couple looked brimming with pride to be saying their wedding vows. It was such a wonderful, laid back atmosphere, and everyone looked to pleased to be sharing such a special day together.

After the service, we made our way into the picturesque outdoor area for some family pictures.

Rob & Gloria were such wonderful people and their family were such a smiley bunch. It was such a pleasure to meet them and to be asked to photograph such an important day in their lives.

I was only with the couple for a very short time on their wedding day. After capturing the ceremony and family pictures outside, my work was done.

The couple were so pleased with their pictures, that they went on to book me again. It’s always a great privilege to be repeat booked by my clients, and lovely to see images you have taken, hanging on their walls.

If you’d like to see more pictures from this Malvern registry office wedding, have a look at Rob & Gloria’s album on the Buck’s Photography Facebook page.

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